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The Beginning – Listary — 2017-05-23

The Beginning – Listary

Hi folks.

This is my first post and I’m in doubt if I talk some bla bla bla or start sharing a software tip.

Well, no doubts anymore (yes, I decided it very fast). I’m here to share a hot software tip destined for the addicted Windows users/sysadmins. If you try at any moment in your life to change the operating system of your machine (just for curiosity or to test) you absolutely thought about Linux OS (with their infinite distros options). Particularly, an amazing feature that the majority desktops mode has on GNU is the ability to find anything that you want to find with less clicks and efforts and the most important part, FAST. Very fast!

The Windows search boring me and today I did 10 minutes of research intended to find a similar software to do this kind of job and I discovered an awesome application to do the search job. I’m talking about LISTARY.

Search Software – Listary – Search screen invoked through pre defined or customized hotkey

Listary is free at some point but if you want a boom in the day-by-day productivity, pay for that. It is a well spent money. Listary is invoked through a hotkey (you can define a new hotkey), you can do researches in Google, Bing, Youtube and many others search providers. You can move files, copy and do a lot of different tasks through this small and coherent GUI. I can say with full lungs, Windows search nevermore.

Take a time, access the official site, watch some videos, test and let your opinion. I will be glad to read. Thanks for your time.